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The Baker at Breadberry


The Baker International is excited to announce its recent acquisition of the bakery operations at BreadBerry Supermarket in Lakewood, NJ. With our extensive experience and commitment to quality, we aim to elevate the bakery's offerings by introducing a wide range of premium baked goods. Our focus will be on providing artisan breads, gourmet pastries, and traditional baked delights, ensuring that BreadBerry's customers continue to enjoy the finest bakery products. We look forward to serving the Lakewood community and enhancing their shopping experience with our exceptional bakery selections.

More News from The Baker International:

We are thrilled to announce that The Baker International's premium frozen bakery products are now available at numerous locations throughout the Tri-State area of Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. You can find our delicious and convenient products in a variety of settings, including Yeshivas, Schools, BMG, and Bakeries. Our commitment to quality and excellence has allowed us to expand our reach and provide our exceptional bakery items to a wider audience. 

In addition, we are excited to share that The Baker International has signed a significant contract with Dependable Food Corp, the largest kosher distributor for the food service industry in the Tri-State area. This partnership will enable us to distribute our products more efficiently and effectively to a broad network of customers who rely on Dependable Food Corp for their kosher food needs. With this collaboration, we aim to enhance the availability and accessibility of our high-quality, artisan bakery items, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the taste and convenience of The Baker International's offerings.


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